We’re the best, here’s why:

Ahead of the Schedule

When you are a professional event planner, time can be both your friend and your foe… Regardless of how much time do you leave us with before your event happens, we will make sure to use every single minute of it for making it awesome!

Attention to Details

When you are planning a wedding (or a conference, award ceremony, party – insert the theme) that has a sophisticated itinerary and a lot of nuances, it is easy to get things wrong. But not when our seasoned event planners are at a task!

Fair Pricing

While a big-scale event that has a lot of guests, hence a lot of planning to do, may be pricey, we never make it unaffordable. Our whole pricing policy is aimed at the fees being a compromise figure, which at the end of the day sounds reasonable both for us and for you.


We plan the following types of events

Corporate Events

Our seasoned team of creative event planners, thanks to their long experience of managing miscellaneous types of business-themed meetings and conferences will make it all effortless and perfect!

Audiovisual Services

As you might know it, when it comes to many types of events, especially when we’re talking about corporate and business happenings, there might a lot of audiovisual presentations that also need to be properly prepared, organized and executed.


On par with lighting and other audiovisual accompanying effects, these nice touches can transform the venue’s place, set the mood for the event and actually not fit, but rather create the theme and the atmosphere suitably tailored for any specific occasion.

Wedding Planning

When the engagement day is behind you, the harsh and details-overdosed reality of the wedding planning process lies ahead… This is the planning on which we have built our reputation, and is for those clients..


Whether you are about to host a private party of any scale or want us to help you organize a concert or an exhibition of any sort, we are eager to do that for you. Why should you bother and worry about planning out all those major…

Events for Kids

We take care of the most or all of the organizational/technical nuances – from invitations and entertainment to decorations and set-up! Every party can be tailored to fit your needs! Our seasoned event planners will make…

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Any company's level of expertise, trustworthiness or popularity can be easily checked when it comes to proven cases... We stockpiled hundreds of successful private & corporate events management operations throughout the 25 years of being in this business. Here are the best examples of our diligent and efficient management for small and big events:

Business Conference

Big part of organizing this particular event was making sure that all the lighting, audiovisual and other…


Well, organizing a commercial exhibition is all about making sure that the booth is fully loaded with…

Rock Band's Concert

When this club in upperstate New York hired us for their biggest concert show to date, we did…

Charity Event

There’s some very special feeling about planning a charity gala dinner. Things to keep in mind include…

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